Political Agency Raises Awareness for Local Candidate With Addressable Programmatic From Simpli.fi


Candidate Overview
•  Candidate running for County Commission Chair
•  Needed to quickly deploy and launch advertising campaign leading up to election
• Sought to target relevant households using historical voter data
Agency Overview
•  Full-service political advertising agency
•  Chose Simpli.fi to maximize reach and the value of political advertising data
•  Use Simpli.fi’s solutions to deploy campaigns on behalf of several other candidates
•  98.7% Address Match Rate
•  0.10% Click Through Rate



Household-Level Targeting for Local Political Advertising

Political ad spending is projected to reach $7.8 billion in the 2022 midterm elections (Kantar). In this crowded landscape, candidates and political campaigns are looking for a competitive edge when deciding where to allocate their advertising budgets. Gearing up for the 2022 campaign season, a candidate seeking election to a local County Commission Chair sought the help of a full-service political advertising agency to manage their digital strategy. The candidate picked the agency to help build awareness among a relevant audience.

The political agency leveraged their partnership with Simpli.fi to provide comprehensive programmatic capabilities for their candidates preparing for the next election cycle. They knew Simpli.fi could help them utilize addressable programmatic solutions, access political address data via Simpli.fi’s partnerships, and deploy campaigns quickly. Ultimately, the candidate wanted to reach relevant voters without wasted impressions and activate the campaign immediately.

Quick Activation for Reaching Known Voters

First, Simpli.fi worked with a top political data provider to source a list of 100,000 households featuring voters for one political party in the specific county who voted in the 2018 and 2020 elections. The team uploaded the address list directly to the Simpli.fi platform, which processed the data in just hours and achieved an address match rate of 98.7%. This greatly exceeded the industry average of 40-60% for other data onboarding providers.

Simpli.fi’s Addressable Geo-Fencing solution used GPS data paired with plat lines to quickly match each address to the exact physical location, shape, and size of the property. The system then automatically built a target fence around each property to serve display ads. Furthermore, the political agency and Simpli.fi worked together to upload the address list and activate the campaign in less than one day. Finally, the agency implemented Site Retargeting to remain in front of users who had recently visited the candidate’s website.

Successful Political Campaign Deployment

The political advertising campaign ran for two weeks prior to the primary election and achieved a .10% CTR. The agency continues to work with Simpli.fi on behalf of several other political candidates.

Key Success Factors


Quick Deployment – Simpli.fi’s dedicated political Client Success team worked with the agency to activate the campaign in less than one day.


Data Partnerships – The candidate and agency relied on Simpli.fi’s partnerships with top political data providers to source a reliable list of households based on voter data.


Address Match Rate – Simpli.fi’s 98.7% address match rate exceeded the industry standard of 40-60% and enabled the agency to reduce wasted impressions and maximize the value of their list.


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