CTV Spotlight: Advanced CTV Attribution — Where Targeting Meets Quantifiable Results


There’s no greater ending to our spotlight series than to talk about CTV attribution. In the first post, we focused on intent-based targeting. Next, we discussed how you can apply our targeting methods to any vertical. Then, we explained how addressable programmatic enhances CTV targeting. Today, we’ll show how’s reporting suite measures granular data with ease.


With our enhanced targeting solutions, you can achieve massive reach without sacrificing precision. But, what good is that if you can’t report with full transparency on meaningful metrics? We place a heavy emphasis on completing the link between our targeting and reporting. offers reporting down to what we refer to as the “element-level” of data. All this means is that we view, analyze, and report on individual data elements for every impression, not just segment-level reporting. This unstructured approach applies to both online and offline data points. Some examples include keywords searched, domains visited, mobile apps used, and GPS location.

One of our unique differentiators involves how we use this data across our platform. We let element-level data drive decisions with our targeting, optimizations, and reporting. This data-driven approach teaches us how to create and optimize campaigns for success. It allows advertisers to understand the habits and behaviors of their target audience. And its real-time availability allows us to limit wasted impressions and maximize performance.


With the emergence of CTV, the need for advanced attribution couldn’t be greater. We want our advertisers to know how their advertising efforts get put to work in a detailed fashion. Here are a few examples of reports and visualizations we provide:

Online Conversion Data (i.e., form fills, online purchases, and cart value metrics)


Offline Conversion Data (i.e., store visits at the individual store-level)


Ad Performance Metrics (i.e., comparing impressions, reach, CPM, and other performance metrics by ad)


Behavioral CTV Performance (i.e., keywords searched, or sites visited, before seeing a CTV ad)


CTV Device Impression Share (i.e., % of impressions served to Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Smart TVs, etc.)

To take this further, we also offer lift metrics for location-based campaigns. Our geo-conversion lift dashboard can showcase incremental lift based on store visit data. We analyze the difference between users who saw an ad and converted in-store, versus those who didn’t. This dashboard benefits those looking to drive more business to their physical locations. And offers the dashboard and advanced attribution to report on that.

Whether you want to report high-level or in a detailed manner, we have a solution for you. High-level, we report on standard metrics like impressions, views, and completion rates. More detailed, we quantify store visits, online purchases, cart value, and inventory quality. No matter your needs, our custom reporting offers advanced attribution for every advertiser.


Advanced targeting? Check. Advanced attribution? Check. Ease of workflow? You bet.

As the leading advertising automation platform, helps streamline your workflow. Specific to reporting, we offer fully-automated capabilities, like custom scheduling and API integrations. Our team of experts help schedule reports, integrate APIs, and customize reporting. We strive to make reporting easier than ever before as one of our core workflow solutions.

Additionally, one of our primary focuses of reporting is to help “tell the story” with our partners. In other words, we know data tells an important story, and we want to help explain it. With a wide variety of visualizations and customizable dashboards, we’re ready for that. Our visualizations make data easier to consume, use, interpret, and analyze for trends.



As CTV advertising continues its boom, leads as a major catalyst to that growth. With our precise targeting, advanced attribution, and smooth workflow, we’re built for this. Our platform is already “home” to over 10,000 OTT/CTV advertisers today. No matter your previous TV buying experience, make your next choice the right one by working with us.
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*Note to Reader: This is the fourth post of a four-part series focused on’s Connected TV (CTV) offering.