Super CTV: Reach Streaming Audiences Leading Up to the Big Game


With the start of each new year comes a big annual event for advertisers. In just a few weeks, two teams will line up for 60 minutes of football. But this isn’t just any normal game. Instead, it will feature 30-second TV ads sold by FOX for a record $7 million a spot. If you’re wondering about the price tag, look no further than the size of the audience tuning in. Take last year, for example, when 36 million households tuned in, an increase due to a record 11.2 million streamers.

As the event approaches, marketers who have not paid the hefty price tag will look for ways to reach these engaged audiences. With tens of millions of households tuned in and over 100 million people watching, there will be no shortage of opportunities. Let’s explore how helps advertisers make the most of this event, especially with our CTV solution.



With’s Deal Library, advertisers can reach high-impact audiences while targeting specific inventory. The tool supports over 2,200 unique deals across a wide range of publishers and can be accessed via the platform or API connection. We provide category-specific data from our publisher partners to make inventory planning and targeting easy.

Want to reach sports streamers without paying the big price tag? Plan and activate CTV campaigns with custom audiences based on ACR data from NFL viewers. Or target certain publishers, such as NFL Network, NFL +, FOX, FOX Sports, and more. With thousands of deal IDs to choose from,’s CTV advertisers have plenty of options at their disposal.


TARGET STREAMERS WITH HOUSEHOLD-LEVEL PRECISION LEADING UP TO THE BIG GAME’s addressable CTV solution provides advertisers with household-level targeting on the big screen. We supply a range of tools to reach your target audience with precision. For example, we offer a customized audience planning resource with over 3,000 targetable data variables. Our Addressable Audience Curation tool helps advertisers plan, create, and activate customized audiences. Advertisers generate a personalized audience with ease, targeting factors such as location, demographic, or buying behavior.

With platline precision, we make household precision targeting at scale possible. And this works with any web-connected device, such as CTV, desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile. Tap into a wide variety of streaming inventory leading up to the big game. And apply household-level targeting to any custom audience for better performance with your CTV advertising campaigns.



To measure success, provides analytics and reporting capabilities to help its partners track the performance of their CTV campaigns. These tools allow advertisers to see how their ads perform in real-time, and to make data-driven decisions about how to optimize their campaigns for maximum effectiveness. Some key reporting factors offered by for CTV campaigns include:

  • Real-time tracking of key metrics, such as impressions, clicks, and conversions (both online and offline)
  • Detailed breakdowns of ad performance by device, location, and target audience
  • Comparison of performance across different campaigns, ad creatives, and targeting strategies
  • Customizable reports and dashboards to help advertisers understand the data that matters most to them’s reporting capabilities give advertisers the insights they need to optimize their CTV campaigns for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. In turn, that drives better advertising performance with key audiences. There are many opportunities to make the most of this mega advertising event. Let help you score big with your CTV efforts.


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