The Programmatic Video Solution

For Media Companies

Enhanced Targeting
Capabilities To Reach Your
Ideal Consumer

Apply any of our intent-based (i.e., retargeting) or segmented (i.e., demographics) targeting methods to programmatic video campaigns.

Detailed & Transparent
Reporting For Video-Specific

Compare specific video performance in real-time with our detailed reporting, making performance-first ad optimizations possible.

Real-Time Performance
Metrics Like Viewability,
Completion Rate, & More

Understand campaign performance better with ad-level performance reporting metrics such as viewability, completion rate, mute rate, & more.

Reach Users Via Short-Form Video Across Millions Of Websites & Mobile Apps

Tap into our wide, growing network of programmatic video inventory across millions of websites & mobile apps to reach your target audience.

Advanced Analytics With Online & Offline Attribution For Video Campaigns

Take reporting to the next level with online & offline attribution metrics for consumer behaviors on your website and/or in-store.

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