World-Class Media Buying Capabilities For Programmatic & Beyond


In today’s ad-centric world, there’s no shortage of options for media buyers. From traditional to digital, they must decide what strategy best suits their needs. To that end, knows how to serve ads at the right time and place to a relevant audience. Our world-class media buying capabilities apply to programmatic, social, and more.


For more than a decade,’s continued growth has fueled our legacy as a leader in programmatic. Boiling down the evolution of that growth is hard to do. In short, here’s what makes a world-class programmatic platform today:

Data-Driven, Omniscreen Targeting

Our enhanced targeting applies to programmatic CTV, addressable, mobile, video, and display.’s approach to data has long been one of our key differentiators. Focusing on letting real-time data inform our bidding and optimizations drives better performance.

Customize addressable, location, and behavioral audiences to individual campaign objectives. With our Addressable Audience Curation (AAC) tool, plan and activate audiences with ease. The tool taps into 700+ consumer data variables with inclusion and exclusion capabilities. Or, provide your own list of addresses with the same benefits of our addressable solution.

Additionally, target on intent-based behaviors, like keyword searches, contextual content, and site visitation. Use these online behaviors to drive better performance, no matter your goal. Or, use location, GPS-derived data for your targeting. Our Geo-Fencing solution helps advertisers influence users visiting relevant physical locations nearby. All the above works in an omniscreen format, with support for CTV, video, display, native, and audio.

Unmatched Reporting & Analytics

Our advanced analytics makes our enhanced targeting that much more valuable. Reporting down to the element-level, we track individual data metrics with confidence. This applies to both online and offline attribution models at the campaign-level.

If the saying started, “Come for the targeting,” it would finish, “stay for the attribution.”

With online-oriented goals, our performance metrics range from brand awareness to transactional data. This means we cover your standard stats, like impressions and clicks, at the root level (i.e., ad, keyword, domain). For performance marketers, we support sales, cart value, and ROAS reporting.

Likewise, our offline-oriented goals cover branding and key performance metrics. One of our greatest benefits is the ability to measure store visits at the true store-level. This applies across any campaign type with any creative. And yes, that includes CTV, too. Additionally, we offer incremental visit lift metrics to measure the campaign’s impact further.

World-Class Service

Our renowned, flexible service models serve as more than the cherry on top to the above. We take pride in providing our partners top-tier service with every campaign.

Our Managed-Service model offers fully-managed support by a team of experts. From setup to reporting, we handle every step of the way with the ability to custom-tailor to your needs. For those who prefer to work on a Self-Serve basis, we offer platform access. Our Self-Serve partners reap all the platform benefits at their own pace. No matter your service model, we seek to provide an excellent experience every time.


Enabling a more efficient workflow, our all-in-one solution goes beyond the programmatic space. To improve an organization’s performance, we offer integrated solutions for several media types. This covers programmatic, search, social, CTV, linear TV, print, OOH, email, and radio. Our software solutions help improve accounting, media planning & buying, and project management workflows. Learn how you can benefit from’s recent acquisition of Advantage.

Additionally, we offer managed services for social media campaigns. Let us handle the targeting, measurement, and reporting for your social campaigns. Our dedicated social team provides all the benefits of the Facebook Business Manager. And, you get the same level of service offered for programmatic campaigns. With our low-cost model, we simplify social campaign management for agencies nationwide.

When paired with programmatic efforts, advertisers enjoy unified reporting from a single interface. With comprehensive visibility into campaign performance, budget shifts and optimizations couldn’t be easier.

From one screen, view our world-class DSP alongside your social campaigns in real-time. We support all targeting and measurement capabilities in Facebook and Instagram. And that list only continues to grow.

For social advertisers, take things a step further with our Spaceback integration. Our Social Display offering reduces time spent creating assets. This partnership allows advertisers to convert social media content into programmatic display ads. Maximize the value of your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest posts. Let us turn those posts into display and/or video ads for your programmatic campaigns at the click of a button.


THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT FOR MEDIA BUYING WITH SIMPLI.FI offers media buyers precise targeting, unmatched reporting, and world-class service. As we continue to enhance our platform, media buying will only get easier and better. Come join a growing list of advertisers who partner with us for their media buying needs.
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