Addressable Programmatic With

National Scale & Household Precision

Reach 126M+
U.S. Households on Any
Web-Connected Device

Use's addressable technology across 126M+ U.S. households to deliver targeted programmatic ads across web-connected devices.

Addressable Data
Activation with 90%+
Match Rates

Put your CRM and/or purchased addressable data to work with match rates at 90% or greater for your programmatic advertising campaigns.

Custom Audience
Planning Tool with
3,000+ Data Variables

Our Addressable Audience Curation tool plans, creates, and activates custom audiences in real-time with over 3,000+ targeting options.

Zip+4 Reporting Capabilities for Every Addressable Campaign

Experience unmatched reporting & attribution for every addressable campaign with precise, localized zip+4 reporting at a national scale.

GPS and Platline Targeting Precision

Target with confidence knowing our addressable technology uses GPS and platline precision to ensure the correct households see your ads.

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