Incrementality: Reach “Cord-Cutters” and “Cord-Nevers” with Connected TV


At a record pace, viewers continue to ditch (or never sign up for) cable TV in favor of streaming television. As a leading demand-side platform for connected TV, we offer advertisers unmatched incrementality. With our targeting solutions, media buyers reach “cord-cutters” and “cord-nevers” with CTV ads. And, we offer advanced attribution benefits when reaching those incremental viewers.


As this trend continues, we’re seeing a continued acceleration towards a clear crossroads. In a recent data study, eMarketer released its findings on the number of pay TV vs non-pay-TV homes in America. By the millions, viewers continue to abandon cable subscriptions for streaming services.

Additionally, a Harris Poll study found that, “Only 56% of Americans who watched TV during that month did so via cable and satellite…” And the gap was even more prominent among younger audiences. “Only 35% of those under the age of 35 who watched TV said they watched cable or satellite TV.”

The reality is – this isn’t a new story. This train has been moving full-speed-ahead for years now. That said, the need for unduplicated reach via incrementality remains higher than ever. For TV buyers, that means being able to reach the same, qualified audience in line with TV viewing trends. Our incrementality lets advertisers reach those they can’t target with traditional TV. With no cable footprint present, TV buyers must shift to CTV to reach valuable viewers.


We achieve incrementality through data-driven targeting across expansive CTV inventory with advanced attribution. We’ll take a deeper dive into each of these three key areas below:

  1. Data-Driven Targeting Methods
    Compared to broad-based measurement with traditional TV buying, we offer precise CTV targeting. With 100% in-market reach across 90%+ of all AVOD homes in America, we target relevant users at home. To do so with a data-first approach, our curation tool allows for custom audience creation. This tool helps identify incremental users based on specific demographics and locational behaviors. As an in-house resource, advertisers plan, create, and activate custom audiences with ease.
  2. Expansive CTV Inventory Availability
    With our partnerships, we reach incremental users across a variety of CTV inventory. We support both private marketplace (PMP) and open market inventory. This means we can reach viewers within specific content, like live sports opportunities. It also means we can reach users on ad-supported platforms. These platforms offer live TV and on-demand video in exchange for ad viewership. Our 50/50 split across PMP and open market meets the inventory quality needs of every advertiser.
  3. Advanced Attribution Capabilities
    Run in-market, on select inventory, across 90% of homes in the US at the household-level. And, reap the benefits of online and offline attribution at the campaign-level. For online advertisers, we track actions like purchases, form fills, and sign-ups. Additionally, we tie cart value and ROAS metrics to your advertising efforts. For offline advertisers, we provide store-level foot traffic and incremental visit lift reporting. We want our advertisers to know the effects their ads have for every campaign.

Our platform helps advertisers target incremental users across expansive inventory with advanced attribution. We focus on providing incremental reach at a fair price with an ease of transaction. Our approach to incrementality helps TV buyers extend their reach with CTV. While streaming rises and cable fades, improve your strategy by incorporating As a leading platform for connected TV advertising, we’re ready to help you reach more users with ease.
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