Accounting Software Purpose-Built

for Media Buying Organizations

Reap The Benefits Of A
Fully-Integrated Agency
Accounting Process

Streamline your accounting workflow with a system that’s fully integrated with our project management and media planning/buying solutions.

Robust Accounting Software
Solutions For Driving
Workflow Efficiencies

Easily handle multi-office processing with automatic journal entries for work-in-process, media liability, revenue recognition, & more.

Protect Your Media
Buying Organization With
A Complete Audit Trail

Utilize a robust accounting system that offers a variety of features, including billing, budgets & forecasts, general ledger, & more.

Comprehensive Financial Reporting & General Ledger

With standard financial reports and a customizable report writer offered, quickly find relevant data and build stakeholder-ready reports.

Automated Processes To Protect Against Human Error

Avoid duplicate entries and other mistakes that could cost you money with automated processes in your day-to-day media software operations.

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