Beet.TV Video Series: Learn About Recent Developments Happening with CTV, TV Buying, and Addressable Programmatic


In case you missed it, has partnered with Beet.TV, a leading media company reporting on ad tech innovation and the transformation of television, to bring you a new leadership series: “Streaming Boom Accelerates the Adoption of CTV.” In part one of the series, we talked about the latest industry developments within the CTV space, as well as ongoing trends and where connected TV is headed in 2021. If you missed it, be sure to check out the first five videos of this series.

In part two of this series, we take a look at three more videos Beet.TV has released that speak to finding the value in OTT/CTV advertising and unlocking its full potential, as well a deep dive into addressable programmatic capabilities and how advertisers can target at the household-level.


Finding The Value Of CTV: NitroC’s Doyle

One of the most significant developments in advertising has been the collision of traditional television and digital media in the form of CTV. In this video, Lee Doyle of the NitroC agency take a look at CTV’s successes, how CTV can fill in gaps linear TV can’t reach, the importance of cross-platform approach to achieving scale, and more.


Unlocking CTV Ads: The Basement’s Maher

One of the challenges we’ve seen with CTV is finding quality inventory—particularly during this past year’s political cycle. However, there are solutions that work. In this video, Ira Maher, VP of Media Insights and Technology at The Basement, weighs in on how advertisers can still achieve good outcomes from precise audience targeting, local audience targeting and outcome attribution.


DSPs Need Full Transparency:’s Prioleau

What’s old has become new again. Meaning, even national brands are rediscovering the importance of buying local ads to reach consumer households. Don’t miss’s own CEO and industry thought leader Frost Prioleau explain how addressable programmatic provides advertisers with local, household-level targeting that reach consumers based on a variety of demographic and behavioral variables.
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