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In recent years, CTV shifted from a “want” to a “need” for digital advertisers. A recent survey of media buyers pegged CTV as the top “must-buy” media format, and by a wide margin. Social video and national broadcast TV trailed behind by 20%-25%. As demand booms, continues to lead in making performance CTV available to many.


The beauty of performance CTV is how it pairs the strengths of digital with the benefits of TV. We do this by combining robust CTV targeting with high-quality streaming television advertising. delivers targeted ads to the right audience using expansive targeting options. Get granular with our intent-based audience targeting strategies. Target connected TV devices with behavioral targeting methods like Search and Site Retargeting. Custom-curate an audience with over 3,000+ specific demographics on the living room TV. And apply location-based targeting as broad as a national scope or as precise as a specific zip code. All these targeting options, among many others, remain available on the platform.

Additionally, reach target users across all sorts of high-quality CTV content. With our premium inventory partnerships and content-based targeting options, we make this possible. Through’s performance CTV solution, advertisers combine digital’s precision with TV advertising.


Digital’s precision goes well beyond targeting and into the arena of attribution. Here at, advertisers combine performance CTV with advanced attribution capabilities. Our online and offline metrics measure the true impact of every CTV campaign.

With online attribution, advertisers connect the living room TV to online consumer behaviors. At the individual ad level, you can know how your campaigns inspire real, online behaviors. Our reporting supports tracking for a variety of online metrics. This includes, but is not limited to: sign-ups, registrations, form-fills, purchases, and more. We also can attribute ROAS metrics to each CTV campaign, among other solutions.

When applying offline attribution methods, track activity from targeted users to physical locations. Watch your ads go to work with individual store-level foot traffic reporting. See how each CTV ad or campaign drives performance across individual store locations. With our Conversion Zone mapping, there are hardly any limits to what we can track. And our GPS and platline targeting solutions make measurability with precision a reality.

IT’S TIME TO GET AHEAD BY PARTNERING WITH THE LEADER IN PERFORMANCE CTV offers the precision of digital with the impact of TV via performance CTV. Pair the most granular intent-based audience targeting in the market with unrivaled attribution. Let us help you reach target audiences on the living room TV with measurability you can be confident in.

No matter your goal, we’re prepared with a world of solutions to bring your digital TV advertising to life. To learn more about’s performance CTV, please visit our CTV product page.

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