Addressable Geo-Fencing: The Brick and Mortar Power Play


You might be surprised to learn that almost 90% of retail sales still take place in a physical, brick and mortar location. However, there’s no question that retail marketing has significantly evolved. It’s had to, as consumers now spend more and more time online using various devices (the average person in the U.S. now spends 6 and a half hours per day using the Internet). Digital is where the eyeballs are, and today’s retail marketing campaigns must be serving ads to consumers via display, mobile, and OTT/CTV.

With the importance of digital advertising for brick and mortars established, the question becomes how best to utilize it. There are a dizzying array of programmatic platforms and solutions available for marketers to choose from. However, there are three factors crucial to the success of any location-based marketing campaign: targeting, attribution, and data.’s Addressable Geo-Fencing excels in all three of these areas, and is practically tailor-made for brick and mortar campaigns.

Here’s why.


The New Standard in Location-Based Targeting

As the industry pioneer in location-based marketing solutions, Addressable Geo-Fencing is’s latest innovation—and it’s a game changer. realized that marketers needed a targeting solution with more granularity, precision, and scalability. With Addressable Geo-Fencing marketers now have a powerful, efficient, and accurate new way to target specific households and businesses with digital advertising.

Addressable Geo-Fencing uses plat line and GPS data, rather than IP-based targeting, to deliver digital ads to consumers at the household-level. Here’s how it works. Marketers upload up to 1 million street addresses per campaign (with unlimited campaigns!) into the platform. These street addresses are then automatically converted into geo-fences that conform to the plat lines of each address. Then, devices seen within those plat lines are targeted with mobile, video, and/or OTT/CTV ads. And with cross-device matching, we can target all of the devices within a given household.

Addressable Geo-Fencing provides the perfect opportunity to leverage first party address data such as CRM lists and other offline databases. However, marketers don’t always have access to their own address lists. meets this need with our list curation. We can curate address lists on behalf of marketers using over 1,500+ variables, making Addressable Geo-Fencing available to everyone regardless of whether they have access to their own first party data.

Already running an addressable TV or direct mail campaign targeting specific households? Augment those efforts and dramatically increase their effectiveness by serving digital ads to those same households. Addressable Geo-Fencing can also drive existing promotions, customer loyalty campaigns, novelty offerings, etc.


Answering the Question: Did My Campaign Have an Impact?

One thing all marketers want to know is whether their campaign made an impact. In the case of retail, this means determining whether the campaign was able to drive visitors to a physical location in order to make a purchase. Thanks to our Geo-Conversion Lift attribution technology, brick and mortar marketers now have their answer.

Prove ROI With more than 15 attribution metrics’s Geo-Conversion Lift lets marketers track an uplift in foot traffic to any of their storefronts from targeted locations by showing which foot traffic was naturally converted vs. influenced by an ad. Thanks to these granular insights into what effect the campaign is having on online-to-offline conversions, marketers can now attribute an ROI to their advertising spend. In other words, we take away the guesswork when it comes to assessing the performance of campaigns.

“Furthermore, Geo-Conversion Lift gives marketers the ability to measure actual visits, visitation rate, and days to convert between target zones and Conversion Zones as compared to natural visits, natural visitation rate, and natural days to convert. A weighted CPV can also be determined based on Geo-Conversion Lift findings.

Marketers can further break it down by measuring the difference between mobile users seen visiting the conversion zone once in the last 30 days as compared to mobile users who have visited more than once. This allows for the measurement of New Campaign Converters vs. Total Campaign Converters, and it lets you filter out repeat visitors such as employees, vendors, service providers, and even the mailman!


Targeting with Precision

We are now one step closer to the elusive goal of true one-to-one marketing thanks to’s Addressable Geo-Fencing solution. This is possible due to the incredible precision of’s targeting capabilities. Rather than using IP-based targeting, we use actual, verified GPS data and plat line data to target individual households at the address-level. This results in a significantly higher degree of precision and accuracy that an IP-based targeting approach simply cannot match, and eliminates the wasted impressions that result from targeting by DMA, zip code, or neighborhood.

Make no mistake, precision matters. A lot. No two neighbors are exactly alike; tastes and preferences can vary wildly from household to household. Targeting using GPS and plat line data enables the kind of personalization that lets marketers reach the right neighbor with their ads. offers the most precise audience targeting technology available to marketers today. Accept no substitutes.


Unlimited Potential

The possibilities for brick and mortar marketers here are endless. A great example is this recent case study involving a national telecom brand with hundreds of brick and mortar locations across the U.S. In conjunction with their marketing agency,’s Addressable Geo-Fencing helped the brand leverage customer data to enhance their direct mailing efforts and drive foot traffic to their physical locations. Read the full case study here and see how we exceeded the client’s original expectations with Addressable Geo-Fencing.

Our Addressable Geo-Fencing solution is a big part of why is leading the way in Addressable Programmatic. We are proud to offer brick and mortars the ultimate power play when it comes to targeting individual households and businesses at the address-level.

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